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Treatment of infertility in women

Treatment of infertility in women is becoming global today. More and more couples are faced with the inability to conceive a child and often the problem is connected with the fair sex. Methods of treatment of this disease are various in each case, because it is individual. Among the most popular - the eco-treatment of infertility, but the final decision is made only after identifying its causes in the specialized centers.

Approximately 25-30% of female infertility is caused by problems with ovulation. In most cases, ovulatory dysfunction factor is hormonal imbalances (such as a lack of a certain hormone or hormone is not produced at the right time). This may be connected with disturbance of functioning of the regulatory hormonal system (hypothalamus, pituitary), malfunction of the ovaries and other endocrine glands - the adrenal, thyroid, be the result of stress, physical exertion, the addition or loss of weight. This is so called endocrine case.

Popular causes of female infertility

One of the leading factors of endocrine disease is polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) - a pathology, which means, that the ovaries do not mature egg and many small cysts are formed because of hormonal disorders.

The cause of female infertility can be organic disorders of the reproductive system, for example the obstruction of the fallopian tubes, and as a result of it spermatozoon cannot impregnate the egg or implantation of embryo cannot be performed.

Tubal infertility is often a consequence of the previously inflammatory diseases of female genitalia, primarily as a consequence of sexually transmitted infections, as well as surgical interventions on the abdominal and pelvic organs, which contribute to the development of commissural process. It is known, that tubal occlusion occurs in 70% of infertile patients. It is the most common cause of disease in women.

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Endometriosis is one more factor, which leads to disruption of the reproductive function, this means that endometrial cells (the inner layer of the uterus) is found outside the uterus (in the abdominal cavity, ovaries and other organs). It is observed in 30-35% of patients who visit infertility treatment centers in Ukraine. It is also necessary to take cervical factor into account. Lack of cervical mucus secretion or complete absence of it (infections, cervical conization) may prevent the penetration of sperm.

There are also immunological cases, when the female body produce antibodies to the sperm of her husband; it makes impossible the fusion of egg and sperm, in other words - fertilization.

Center of infertility treatment IPF offers modern methods of infertility treatment

Examination before treatment of infertility in the clinic include:

  • consultation of reproductologist ,
  • ultrasound examination of pelvic,
  • examination of blood hormones for assessing ovulation
  • examination of vaginal smear, vaginal and cervical secretions for detection of infectious agents,
  • of infectious agents,
  • hysterosalpingography - X-ray method, or
  • ultrasound hysterosalpingography - ultrasound method of assessing
  • patency of the fallopian tubes and the state of uterus

These infections do not cause disease. Nevertheless, in the case of pregnancy they may cause intrauterine infection of the fetus, promote the development of various pregnancy complications, premature interruption of pregnancy, the birth of a sick child and even his death. Timely detection and elimination of these infections is the key to successful achievement of the long-awaited pregnancy. Hindrance of it can be secondary infertility, as well as a primary. Clinic of infertility treatment IPF is waiting for you.