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At the clinic there used endoscopic methods for diagnostic and treatment of various diseases in gynecology, for surgical manipulation (if necessary).


The types of endoscopic surgery in IPF are:

·         Hysteroscopy (examination of the uterine cavity)

·         Colposcopy (examination of the vagina and vaginal walls, vaginal part of the cervix)

·         Laparoscopy (abdominal cavity)

·         Ureteroscopy

·         Cytoscopy

Endoscopic surgery, allowing avoiding large abdominal operations, is the most gentle and less traumatic, gives a minimum percentage of complications in the postoperative period.

Endoscopic techniques give opportunities to treat such pathological diseases:

·         Cervical pathology (erosion, ectopia, cervical dysplasia, condylomas of various localization, vaginal cysts, polyps of the cervical canal) - radio-wave method.

·         Ectopic pregnancy, hydrosalpinx, polycystic ovary syndrome, benign ovarian tumors, ovarian cysts.

·         Uterine myoma, endometrial polyps, intrauterine adhesions, endometriosis, adenomyosis.

·         Tubal and perinatal infertility.

·         Prolapse of pelvic organs (vaginal walls, uterus).

·         Postmenopausal bleeding

·         Control study of the uterine cavity after surgery on the uterus, noncarrying of pregnancy or hormonal treatment.

·         Missed abortion

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