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Consultation of fertility specialist

Consultation of fertility specialist in Kyiv

Consultation of a fertility specialist is necessary:

  • married couples who cannot conceive a child for two years of regular sexual life;
  • women who have miscarriages repeatedly in early pregnancy;
  • women over 35, whose attempts to get pregnant for six months ended in failure.
  • men whose semen shows changes that are not amenable to conservative treatment.

At the consultation, fertility specialists of the Family Planning Institute will understand the causes of infertility and select an appropriate, effective treatment for each patient individually. In the arsenal of IPF doctors, modern diagnostic methods, without which an exact diagnosis is impossible:

  • ovulation induction;
  • ultrasound;
  • study of hormonal levels;
  • ovulation testing, etc.

Infertility Treatment Methods

Reproductive specialists treat infertility by connecting male spermatozoa and female egg in a laboratory test tube. After fertilization, mature embryos at the age of 3-5 days are transplanted into the uterus of the patient.

The chances of getting pregnant after an eco-procedure are two times higher than the natural way.

Diseases that a good reproductive doctor treats in addition to infertility - treatment:

  • abnormalities in the development of the pelvic organs;
  • menstrual disorders;
  • polycystic;
  • changes in hormonal status;
  • adhesive processes of the female genital organs;
  • fungal and viral diseases;
  • infectious diseases of the genital organs;
  • disorders in the development of male germ cells (spermatogenesis);
  • problems with conceiving a child due to age-related changes;

A fertility specialist`s qualification is important!

Reproductive specialists of the family planning institute are regular participants of relevant conferences, they are trained in leading domestic and foreign clinics, sharing experience and knowledge with colleagues.

Using an individual approach, fertility specialists of our institute help in the birth of healthy children.

Consultation of fertility specialist in Kiev and Vinnitsa

Consultation of fertility specialist

At the Family Planning Institute, everyone will receive a competent, professional consultation from a reproduction specialist, undergo a full examination and receive full treatment.

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