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Colposcopy of the cervix

Colposcopy is a diagnostic examination of the entrance to the vagina (vulva), the walls of the vagina and vaginal part of the cervix using a colposcopy - a special optical device that allows enlarging the image from 5 to 40 times, and has a powerful source of the light.

Cervical diseases such as cervical dysplasia, ectropion, leukoplakia, erosion and even cervical cancer may not manifest themselves and do not disturb the woman in the initial stages. These diseases can be completely random found during gynecological examination.

The absence of symptoms and signs of these diseases can lead to serious consequences. Even harmless abnormality of the cervix in case of prolonged absence of treatment can lead to serious complications and even cancer.

Timely examination can prevent these diseases. Colposcopy and cytological analysis allow diagnosing these diseases quickly and accurately, choosing the right treatment timely.

Кольпоскопия шейки матки

There are myths that colposcopy is a painful procedure. This is completely wrong. Colposcopy is completely painless.

When is it necessary to perform colposcopy?

  • If you have contact bloody discharge
  • frequent inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs
  • in the case of "bad" cytological response
  • HPV infection
  • monitoring the effectiveness of treatment

Good enlargement and resolution of colposcopy allow diagnosing the slightest changes in the cervix, identifying various diseases and carrying out right treatment. In the IPF you can pass this examination. Due to modern equipment not only a doctor is allowed to see quality image, but also in the same time, you can watch the procedure of examination on the monitor .

Our doctors, as internationally certified experts, explain, what is represented on the image, whether it is necessary to perform additional studies, what the world tactic in the treatment of disease of the cervix or vagina is. At the end of examination, you can record an image on electronic media or get photocolposcopy conclusion. This will allow you to follow the dynamics of treatment or perform reconsultation, if it is necessary.

Not all cervical diseases require immediate treatment, archive of your video and photo images allows performing timing analysis and choosing the right strategy for your disease. An individual approach, openness and attention - this is our principles.

Cytological examination is usually preceded by a colposcopy (a technique of this analysis may be different). This can be a PAP test based on liquid cytology and classic cytological smear on the glass painted by Pappynheim (Both of these analyzes are informative enough). It can be decided to carry out a biopsy (if necessary) on the basis of the cytology data and results of colposcopy.

How can you prepare properly for a colposcopy?

refrain from sexual intercourse for the day prior to the manipulation;

  • every day is suitable for a colposcopy, except days of menstruation;
  • you do not have to use suppository, take a bath or use tampons before the colposcopy.

There are practically no contraindications to colposcopy , this is one of the safest methods. However, you must remember that there may be individual intolerance of iodine or acetic acid. In this case, these tests should not be performed.

Technique of carrying out simple and extended colposcopy:

  • Women sits on the gynecological chair, then the mirror is introduced. Mucus is carefully removed with a cotton swab. Examination is carried out using a colposcope at a distance and it does not bring any pain (a simple colposcopy).
  • The next step is acetic acid test (during extended colposcopy). A spray or a cotton swab is used to apply the 3% or 5% solution of acetic acid. This is a very important test, it allows more clearly see the affected areas;
  • Schiller’s test, or the test with an aqueous solution of Lugol, is the last step of the colposcopy. As a rule, abnormal or modified tissue is stained badly or is not colored at all. Healthy tissue becomes rich brown.

Sometimes, for a more precise characterization of the vessels, the doctor may use a green filter. Modern colposcopes are equipped with this filter.

Оборудование для кольпоскопии шейки матки

This technique is safe and may be carried out, if it is necessary, even during pregnancy.

Colposcopy during pregnancy is carried out in the following cases:

  • suspicion of cancer processes;
  • suspicion of polyp;
  • in case of doubtful or pessimistic result of cytological smear;
  • for dynamic monitoring, in case of unsatisfactory results of colposcopy before pregnancy.

Price of photocolposcopy in IPF is 200 UAH.

You get high-quality examination and counseling at affordable prices.