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/ / What is endometriosis silent about?

What is endometriosis silent about?


In the modern world, the problem of endometriosis is one of the first diseases of the female reproductive system. According to the latest statistics, about 180 million women suffer from this disease. What is this disease? What are the causes and consequences? And in general, why do women become its victims?

Endometriosis is a disease characterized by focal growth of endometrioid tissue outside the uterus. Endometrioid tissue - ie the functional layer of the endometrium, in the absence of pregnancy monthly under the action of hormones undergoes a series of transformations to create conditions for future attachment of the embryo, but in the absence of pregnancy, a sharp decline in hormones, the endometrium peels off and menstruation begins. Unfortunately, the true cause of endometriosis has not yet been established, but the main theory of its occurrence is a retrograde outflow through the fallopian tubes of menstrual blood with subsequent ectopic implantation (attachment) to various tissues and organs. The most widespread are: a muscular layer of a uterus, uterine tubes, ovaries, a neck of a uterus, more rare forms - a bladder, intestines, there were cases of visualization of the endometrioid centers in lungs, a pleura, a pericardium.

The main and most common symptom that may indicate this disease - chronic pelvic pain, with the progression of the disease may appear pain during urination and defecation, pain during sexual life, unbearable painful menstruation, infertility.

Of course, a woman's complaints are not enough to make a diagnosis. The main diagnostic criteria are laparoscopic visualization of foci of endometriosis with subsequent histological confirmation. At present, ultrasound diagnostics has become widespread for the establishment of primary diagnosis. On the bridle, we can detect foci of endometriosis in the uterus, ovaries and this will be the first step for further diagnosis and final diagnosis.

We must not forget about heredity. If the female line has detected and progressed this disease, the chances of the next generation to face this problem are quite high.

As a reproductive doctor, I would like to attract the attention of women who are planning a pregnancy, women who for a long time can not get the long-awaited pregnancy test, women in search of truth or reason, in search of an answer to the question - why? Unfortunately, the severity of the disease is proportional to the chances of self-conception.

After all, endometrioid foci in the fallopian tubes - disrupt their function, endometriosis in the ovaries - degrades the quality of the egg, endometriosis in the uterus - many times reduces the sensitivity of the endometrium to implantation. It has been established that the severity / stage of the disease may not coincide with the set of symptoms and the effect on reproductive function.

As for the selection of appropriate schemes of medical or surgical treatment - it all depends on the severity, progression of the disease, the location of foci and reproductive intentions of women. Women with pregnancy planning deserve special attention. We must understand that this disease requires comprehensive and long-term treatment. The first and important point for each of us - is the diagnosis and selection of treatment. It should be noted that the surgical method of treatment - this applies mainly to ovarian endometriosis (the presence of endometriosis of 3 cm or more) has a destructive effect on the ovarian ovarian reserve, so in such cases you need to weigh the pros and cons, use all possible chances (eg cryopreservation of oocytes). The world is still looking for the perfect method of treating endometriosis and time is always against us, because without treatment the disease will progress and the quality of life will decline, so do not delay, do not be afraid, do not panic, do not self-medicate, trust professionals to soon your dream became a reality, and you heard the cherished words - I'm a mom!

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