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Your needs shape the future development of ultrasound systems.

It is through your responses that contribute to technological innovation, GE Healthcare maintains a leading position in the field of women's health. Working together with physicians, we continuously improve the Voluson® system. We are committed to provide you with unsurpassed quality of visualization. Every physician should be able to provide high quality medical services to patients. It is now due to GE technology that makes it possible to detect these anatomical details of the fetus, which were not available previously. A detailed investigation of the fetus at the earliest stages of pregnancy has become a reality. Visualization of the smallest structures in HD quality. Analysis of the fetus in various projections at any stage of development. The revolutionary technologies of the data collection process. That is the power of Voluson E8. Each system is equipped with features and technologies of the future providing unsurpassed visualization for diagnosis at the earliest terms of pregnancy with the highest level of reliability.

We can hear your needs, and our innovative ultrasonic apparatus satisfies them. These are just a few improvements of Voluson E8, the implementation of which improves the reliability of clinical decisions.