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/ / How to Increase Your Success in IVF protocol.

How to Increase Your Success in IVF protocol. ∙ Maintain a healthy weight. It is difficult to overemphasize the impact of obesity on IVF success. Multiple studies show a low pregnancy rate in women with an increased body mass index. in addition, the percentage of miscarriage and complications during pregnancy and childbirth significantly increases. If one is overweight, our fertility specialists will take care to normalize thyroid hormones and check insulin resistance index. ∙ Optimize sperm health. Sperm quality is equally important as egg quality. The quality of male cells is also affected by age, concomitant diseases, smoking, taking antibiotics, and many other harmful factors that cause damage to the spermatozoa DNA. This damage will accordingly negatively influence the DNA of the subsequent embryo. Therefore, all men who participate in the IVF protocol will be advised to lead a healthy lifestyle, refuse to visit saunas, hot baths, exclude bad habits and, if possible, exclude occupational hazards... ∙ Reduce your stress. An increased level of cortisol during stress reduces the chances of conception, so we will recommend that you adhere to a healthy lifestyle, spend time outdoors, and engage in hobbies. Yoga and meditation can also help manage anxiety. ∙ Quit smoking. Numerous studies have shown that women who smoke in IVF protocols receive 2 times fewer eggs than non-smokers of similar age. Therefore, if you decide on this method of treatment, you should stop smoking altogether, or at least reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke. ∙ Ensure you have adequate levels of vitamin D. Recent studies have shown that vitamin D is a prohormone that participates in the metabolism of sex hormones. Modern people increasingly have a pronounced deficiency of vitamin D, which has been proven to affect fertility. Therefore, the specialists of our clinic, if indicated, will check the level of vitamin D before the start of the IVF protocol and will replenish its deficiency if necessary. ∙ Partner with an excellent doctor and embryology laboratory. Study the possibilities and technical equipment of the clinic before starting the IVF program and make sure of the qualifications of the specialists. Institute for Planning Family has one of the highest pregnancy rate among Ukrainian fertility clinics. The use of modern highly effective medications in ovarian stimulation protocols allow us obtain good quality eggs. At the Institute for Planning Family, we use all modern methods of fertilization as ICSI and IMSI, which allow us to select the best spermatozoa and fertilize an egg using a convolutional microscope. We use additional laser hatching to work with dense egg cells to improve the implantation rate. Cryopreservation of gametes and embryos allows us to carry out delayed cycles thereby increasing the level of implantation. We use genetic testing of embryos newest generation (NGS), which is an integral part of modern infertility treatment, as it allows us to select only healthy embryos for embryo transfer. Our doctors undergo compulsory certification, study at foreign conferences, and can compete with any European clinic. We provide guarantee IVF programs because we are confident in our knowledge and skills. Our job can be approved of thousand children who appeared in this world because of our help. If you have any questions feel free to make an appointment with reproductive medicine specialist at the Institute for Planning Family, Contact us:(044) 500 10 50, (044) 500 10 51 or email to info@ipf.uail and we will be happy to help your dreams come true.

Author: Dr. Belova O.