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High-frequency radiowave surgery is a non-invasive method of cutting and coagulation of soft tissue using high frequency radio waves (3.8-4.0 MHz). The radio signal, which is transmitted by an "active" or "surgical" electrode, causes evaporation of the intracellular fluid and, consequently, tissue dissection or coagulation (depending on the selected waveform). High-frequency waves are absorbed by intracellular fluid, this reduces the risk of damage caused to surrounding organs and tissues.

Surgitron "Ellman International, inc." devices are universal and operate in five different modes:

1) microincision (minimum cell destruction, accelerated healing, perfect cosmetic effect);

2) coagulation (tissue wrinkling, the closure of small capillaries, reliable hemostasis with minimal tissue damage);

3) cutting and coagulation (simultaneous cutting and coagulation);

4) fulguration (spark impact on the tissue with maximum effect of hemostasis and penetration, ideal for the deliberate destruction of tissue);

5) bipolar coagulation (point microscopic wrinkling of tissues without adhesion and tissue necrosis, the closure of large capillaries of up to the 1.5 mm diameter).