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Artificial insemination in Kiev (IVF)

Eco-vitro fertilization | IPF

IVF (extracorporeal fertilization extra-out; corpus-body) is the only method of infertility treatment in which the cells obtained from a woman are fertilized under artificial conditions and grown outside the body (in vitro), and then the best embryos transfer into the uterine cavity.

Indications for IVF fertilization:

Indications for IVF can be on the part of both women and men. The main indications for IVF have been unchanged for many years:

Female factor:

• absence or obstruction of the fallopian tubes;

• adhesive disease;

• ovulatory disorders of various genesis;

• premature luteinization of the pre-ovulatory follicle;

• endometriosis;

• repeated unsuccessful attempts at intrauterine insemination;

• syndrome of premature ovarian exhaustion;

• infertility of unknown origin.

Male factor:

• asthenozoospermia;

• oligozoospermia;

• asthenoteratooligozoospermia;

• obstructive azoospermia;

• retrograde ejaculation;

• anejaculation;

• anomalies of penis development;

• autoimmune disorders (antisperm antibodies).

An unmarried woman can also have an IVF procedure (if there are no contraindications on her part).

Who is contraindicated for artificial insemination?

• mental and somatic diseases which are contraindications for pregnancy and childbirth;

• abnormal development of the uterus, acquired deformities of the uterus, in which implantation or gestation of pregnancy is impossible;

• uterine tumors requiring surgery;

• malignant neoplasms (but in such women it is possible to obtain oocytes and freeze them for further usage.)

On the part of men - no contraindications.

The stages of in vitro fertilization (IVF):

Stage 1: It is necessary to go through a mandatory list of surveys,  it takes 1 month.

Stage 2: In the natural menstrual cycle without usage (Controlled stimulation of the ovaries. Using the protocols of ovulation inducers) - from 12-15 days

Stage 3: Transvaginal aspiration of follicles under anesthesia to obtain oocytes. Receiving sperm for oocyte fertilization.

Stage 4: Cultivation of embryos - from 3 to 5 days

Stage 5: Embryo transfer into the uterine cavity under ultrasound guidance. Diagnosis of pregnancy in 12-14 days.

Frequently asked questions about artificial insemination:

Many people have heard from the doctor: "In your case, only IVF" panic, many  refuse at all to have the happiness of having a child. It is very important if you decide to go to the clinic to find "your doctor" so that you can trust him,  the psychological mood of the couple is extremely important, you should be close and no matter whose factor of male or female is the cause of the absence of children, you are one unit and  you should not fight with infertility,but with its reasons !!! It is important to understand how much the whole IVF PROCEDURE costs and also to be prepared financially, because for each patient the number of components of the IVF stages can be different. There are assisted reproductive technologies that are used according to indications and how “beads” complement IVF and increase the chances of getting a pregnancy, but also increase the cost of the procedure itself (ICSI, cultivation to the blastocyst, preimplantation diagnosis, etc.)

How often does pregnancy come on the first try? And what are my chances?

If a woman, for example, has no fallopian tubes, and otherwise there are no more problems with health, plus good quality of sperm at the sexual partner - then the chances of getting a long-awaited pregnancy are about 50% - is it not enough?

The success of a positive result depends on the factor of infertility in this particular case. The male factor is a good 40%, and in fact the good quality of sperm is also 50% of the pledge of a positive result. Success also depends on the choice of drugs to stimulate the ovaries, it would seem that all centers use the same groups of drugs, and not everyone can choose the right regimen and dosages. The number and quality of cells does not always unfortunately depend on the qualifications of the doctor and the quality of medical equipment - there is such a concept genetic aging of the eggs, it is important to apply at the time - by the fact that with age the probability of getting a pregnancy decreases every year (after 37 years from 40 to 9%) and this is statistics.

Medicine science may not be exact, but stubborn - it is important to clearly determine the cause, and the percentage of success will depend on it.

vitro fertilization (IVF)

I have a child and I can understand how important it is for each family to have their own happiness! Do not despair, believe in your strength and we will work together to achieve the desired result!

You can find the prices for IVF services in Kiev at the Institute for Family Planning IPF in our price list: https://ipf.ua/en/price?category=4